Location: Probolinggo Station

Hello, folks! Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

As displayed in the title, yes, that is right. I’m moving in into this site.

It’s a quiet dumb not-so-long story. I intended to change the primary site name of my previous blog which was also a Laa Tahzan, Innallaha Ma’ana. Since I do not fancy the domain name anymore, not for any near future I chose as my new URL.

But, alas, I made my mistake. Got an idea to change my username first resulting in creating a new blog instead of changing it. It was kind of an experiment, you see. I strive to do whatever I want to before asking for any help, like asking Google Grandpa. I stubbornly want to keep biruanugerahbumi. I’ve put great endevaour to retrieve the name, from changing, deleting, transfering. No, so far, it was to no avail.

And yes, it is right. I’m going to move out with great tremendous fuss, manually, with such humble conventionalities, you name it.

That would take quite some time, but I’m pretty sure this new name would bring something new as well to me, in attempt to regain my passion in writing, literature, and language. This blog, insyaa Allah, will contain my short stories, the journey trip journals, tips and tricks, some reviews (books, movies, etc), and anything related to.

I’m thrilled with this brand new name, situation, and face. Truly looking forward for anything to come!



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